What Are the Benefits of Body Weight Training?

Bodyweight training is strength training that doesn’t require gym equipment. This exercise uses the weight of your own body as resistance for all of your movements. Examples of this type of exercise include things like sit ups, pushups, pull ups, lunges, squats, and planks, among others. The benefits of body weight training are great in number. Body weight training coupled with a non caffeine weight loss supplement goes a long way in helping to maintain a healthy body weight and image.

Benefits of Body Weight Training

Cardio and Strength

Bodyweight training uses your own body weight in order to get you to the fitness level that you want. You can try doing some pushups and lunges, which would qualify as strength training, and in between those exercises you can do some high knees, burpees, or other quick bursts of cardio.

A healthy cardio system keeps your heart, lungs, and circulatory system in good shape.


It Is Efficient Way to Work Out

Bodyweight training is extremely efficient, probably more so than any other type of exercise. This bodyweight training involves use of no or minimal equipment, which means that switching from one exercise to the next can be done in mere seconds.

Burns A Lot of Calories

A great thing about bodyweight training is that even though it does involve a lot of strength training, it still can help you burn calories like a cardio routine does.

A good bodyweight routine will burn calories and fat while you work out.

It Is A Full Body Workout

Bodyweight training can work out all of the muscles in your body from top to bottom.

Squats and lunges are great for your legs, sit ups are awesome for your core, push ups work wonders on your chest, shoulders, back, and arms. All of these exercises, plus so many more, work to train all of the muscles in your body. This ends up making you stronger, more toned and better able to complete various physical activities.

Betters Your Balance

They can greatly increase your balance. You can do 1-handed push-ups, 1-legged pistol squats, side planks, and other bodyweight exercises which force you to balance.

Just like muscles, you can train these things to react quicker, and bodyweight training is a good way to do that.

Increases Flexibility

Bodyweight exercises can make you more flexible. People who engage in a lot of strength training end up with those big and bulky muscles which ultimately lead to a lack of range of motion and overall inflexibility, but that does not always have to be the case.

There are many different kinds of bodyweight exercises that force you to engage your body making you more flexible the more you do them.

Being more flexible has one great benefit, such as from pulling a muscle or overextending yourself past your usual range of motion.

Bodyweight Training Is Multifaceted

Bodyweight training never gets boring. There are so many different things that count as bodyweight training that you can work out every day for a whole week and still not get through them all. A great part about bodyweight training is that you can choose to do it at home, in a gym, or outside in a park too, making it a great choice for people.

Bodyweight training is both fun and very productive.